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Welcome to our health education library. The information shared below is provided to you as an educational and informational source only and is not intended to replace a medical examination or consultation, or medical advice given to you by a physician or medical professional.

Bone Density StudyDensidad ³sea: Estudio

Bone Density Study

A bone density study helps diagnose osteoporosis (bone thinning). Scans of your lower back, hip, or forearm are taken to measure the amount of calcium (density) in your bones. Calcium is the mineral that makes up your bones.

Tell the technologist if you:

  • Are pregnant or think you may be

  • Have any metal in the part of your body being imaged, such as a hip replacement

  • Have had a recent nuclear medicine scan or a barium enema

  • Have a severely curved spine, have had spinal surgery, or can't lie on your back

Technician and patient
The technologist will adjust your body and the scanner during the exam.

Before Your Test

  • Wear clothing without metal closures, such as zippers or metal buttons.

  • Bring a list of medications that you take.

During Your Test

  • You will lie on a table or sit.

  • Your lower legs may be raised on a platform.

  • A scanner arm moves back and forth over the part of your body being scanned.

  • Remain still and do not talk during the scan.

  • Follow instructions to help prevent the need for a second exam.

After Your Test

  • You may need to wait briefly while the images are reviewed.

  • Your doctor will discuss the test results with you during a follow-up visit or over the phone.

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