Notice of Dr. Ozanne's retirement: Dr. Ozanne is retiring from Cedar Hill Spine. The last regular clinic day will be Friday, March 11th, 2022. Dr. Ozanne will be retiring on March 31st, 2022. If you have any questions at this time please contact our office at 972.229.6966.
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Welcome to our health education library. The information shared below is provided to you as an educational and informational source only and is not intended to replace a medical examination or consultation, or medical advice given to you by a physician or medical professional.

Chiropractic CareAtenci³n quiropr¡ctica

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is one of the most widely used forms of complementary care. Behind this treatment is the belief that your body responds to adjustments made to your spine.

Your Spinal Adjustment

All body function at some point involves the nervous system. Chiropractic works from the idea that if your spine (which protects major parts of the nervous system) has a problem, your overall health can be affected. Areas of spinal inflexibility are called subluxations. Chiropractors make spinal adjustments to try to overcome these pockets of inflexibility. This type of treatment may be especially effective if you have back, neck, or joint pain.

Chiropractors may use other treatment methods in addition to spinal adjustments. For instance, they may use mild electrical stimulation, massage, heat, or ultrasound (soundwaves). But no matter what method is used, chiropractic may be an effective way to improve mobility and reduce pain.

Questions for the Chiropractor

Before you decide whether to have chiropractic care, talk with a chiropractor. Asking him or her some of these questions may help you make an informed decision:

  • What is your training? How long have you been practicing?

  • Are there any risks to chiropractic?

  • Have you treated problems like mine?

  • What will a typical visit be like?

  • How long will treatment take and how much will it cost? Is your treatment generally short-term or long-term?

  • Will health insurance or compensation coverage help pay the bill?


Discuss with friends and family any experiences they may have had with chiropractic. The people who know you are often your best resource. Also research chiropractic in your local library, on the Internet, or by contacting:

  • American Chiropractic Association 800-986-4636

  • International Chiropractors Association 800-423-4690

Why Seek This Care?

People may pursue chiropractic if they believe it will relieve pain or improve spinal health. Many people also seek treatment for the neck and back aches that can come from daily stress or strain. And chiropractic may help people get back to work after being hurt on the job or in an accident. In some cases, chiropractic may be used to maintain overall health.

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