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Walkers: Up and Down CurbsAndaderas: Subir y bajar aceras

Walkers: Up and Down Curbs

Use these instructions to help you get around when using your walker. Remember to step up with your unaffected (uninjured) leg and down with your affected (injured) leg.

Up with the unaffected leg.
Up Curbs

  1. Move your feet and the walker as close to the curb as possible.

  2. Put your weight on both your legs, then lift the walker onto the sidewalk.

  3. Step onto the sidewalk with the unaffected foot. Using the walker to support your weight, bring up the affected foot.


Down with the affected leg.
Down Curbs

  1. Move your feet and the walker as close to the edge of the curb as you safely can.

  2. Lower the walker onto the street, keeping its back legs against the curb.

  3. Using the walker to support your weight, lower the affected foot. Then step down with the other foot.

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